Ignite a world of bright ideas!

This summer, be inspired by the stories and ideas of a group of men and women coming together to present at TEDxUCCI: Spark! on June 2, 2017, at the UCCI Campus.

We have a Cayman tourism pioneer, a Jamaican dance icon, the first native African female Scuba Dive Instructor, a young scientist examining her journey ten years after high school, a Young Caymanian Leadership Award nominee, a speech and language pathologist, a journalist mom, a business and life coach, and two individuals known for their triumphs within the youth sector. Read their profiles here!

Want to attend?

Apply now! We have a two-for-one special going on until May 12, so you can either bring a friend for free or ask them to split the registration costs with you. It’s $10 for students and $25 for adults. The first 50 registrants get this limited edition bag!



So make sure to reserve your slot ASAP. Visit our website or check us on Facebook for updates!