TEDxLIVE@UCCI a success

TEDxLIVE@UCCI provided 124 registered attendees on the UCCI campus a chance to view all the TED 2016 Talks presented on Tuesday, February 16th, in Vancouver, Canada.


The simulcast of the biggest TED event of 2016 included presentations on a wide variety of topics with speakers including Norman Lear the television producer and activist, Sarah Parcak the TED Prize winner and satellite archaeologist, Joe Gebbia the co-founder of Airbnb, and Travis Kalanick the “Problem Solver-in-chief” at Uber.

Next month, on March 19th, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., TEDxUCCI 2016 will showcase live speakers who will be addressing a range of topics important to the future of the Cayman Islands. The theme for this event is “FutureVision” and the range of topics spans conservation, new energy sources, the ocean’s potential, improved health, technical literacy, economic and social sustainability, creativity, and how to deal with today’s increasingly complex world. A musical performance will be offered by the UCCI theatre arts students and food will be prepared by UCCI hospitality students.


Persons who register to attend TEDxUCCI 2016 before February 21st will be eligible to bring a friend for free. Details are available online or by sending an e-mail to Event Curator Dr. JD Mosley-Matchett.

TEDxUCCI 2016 will the third event offered by UCCI during the 2015-2016 academic year. In November, TEDxUCCI Youth simulcasted an event from New York City and made it available free of charge to local high school students.  All three TEDxUCCI events were hosted by UCCI and sponsored by “PhD Sponsor” The Ministry of Community Affairs, Youth & Sports and  by Foster’s Food Fair.

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